Addressable Fire Alarm System

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Product Overview

What is Addressable Fire Alarm Systems?

The addressable fire alarm system is designed for middle-size and large-scale projects that need hundreds of fire alarm devices. People can easily find the location of fire because addressable fire alarm devices have their own addresses. Besides, It can be connected with other fire fighting systems, such as fire doors, fire pumps, flow-switches, and other conventional fire alarm devices. when those addressable sensors detect a fire, people can start the water system to extinguish the fire quickly. In this way, people's lives and property are more effectively protected.

Addressable fire alarm systems can be used in Warehouse, Office building, Library, School, Shopping mall, Apartment, etc.

  • Common Addressable fire alarm system Input Devices
  • Fire alarm control panel (FACP)
  • smoke detector
  • heat detector
  • manual call point
  • input module
  • gas detector
  • Common Addressable fire alarm system output Devices
  • strobe sounder/ fire bell
  • annunciatannunciator LED Board
  • output module

Advantages of addressable fire alarm system

  • The address of the device alarm can be displayed on the fire control panel,Quickly determine the fire address. At the same time, there is a fire SMS notification service, when the fire occurs or the system fails, you can quickly know the alarm information
  • 2-Wire Cable for all addressable devices, save more cable.
  • support up to 600 pcs addressable wireless devices on each loop. Wireless loops up to 2 loop
  • Panel-to-Panel network function: Fire information can be shared between the different panels. Host Panel can monitor other sub-panels.

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