Addressable Heat Detector AW-D102

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Product overview

Asenware AW-D102 heat detector is an intelligent rate of rise heat detector, which can be configured with Asenware AW-FP100 Series Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel. Each point (devices) can be given a specific ID, which allows the panel to continuously monitor a specific detector location (point). It reduces maintenance costs and makes it easier to maintain the system.

Product Features

Addressable Heat Detector Features:

  • Addressable-analog communication
  • Rate-of-rise feature activates when the ambient temperature increases at the rate of 7.1 ℃/5S
  • Low Standby current
  • Two-wire connection
  • Two LEDs (RED), blinks in normal condition and becomes stationary during a fire alarm condition.
  • Remote test from Panel


Spacing of the detector must be followed by standard EN 54 or NFPA 72. N FPA 72 suggests for low airflow application spacing of 9.1 m for ceiling height up to 3.15 m can be applicable. However, please follow the specific codes and local codes for specific applications.

Addressable Heat Detector Installation

AW-D102 addressable detectors use a separate base to simplify the installation and maintenance. For proper installation, terminal connections to be followed as shown below.

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