Automatic Gas Extinguisher Control Panel AW-GEC2169

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Product Overview

  • The automatic extinguisher control panel AW-GEC2169 is designed to execute European standards of EN54-2 and EN54-4 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems clause, and Control and Indicating Equipment EN12094-1 firefighting system standards.
  • EN54-2 Fire detection and fire alarm systems  part 2: control and indicating equipment
  • EN54-4 Fire detection and fire alarm systems  part 4: power supply equipment
  • EN12094-1 Fixed firefighting systems - Components for gas extinguishing systems
  • Requirements and test methods for electrical automatic control and delay devices
  • AW-GEC2169 with a new design, easy to operate, metal box opening and closing door with visible glass window, make the Panel running more safe.

Product Features

  • Alarm input : two alarming zone signal input , 16 detectors could be connected to each zone
  • EM valve output : control the output of EM valve.
  • Panel output: line fault output / alarm output / fire extinguishing signal output/24VDC output
  • Power output: resettable 24VDC output, 200mA current limit protection
  • Automatic power switching: 220V AC power and standby battery power can be switched automatically.
  • Three levels of access control (view, operation, settings)
  • Fault detection with display: Real-time detect working condition of input, output, system, power, ground, fuse, and so on.
  • Manually disable function: Manually disable the Panel functions and zones devices.
  • Evacuation: Manually activate the fire alarm devices.
  • Silence operation: Manual silence the horns alarm and panel buzzer .
  • Delay time setting: You can manual set the Panel reseting time and Release delay time.
  • Panel Security Protection : outside cabinet with Visible glass window of opening and closing door ability:
  • long-term rigorous testing before leaving the factory, the Panel is stable, safe and reliable;

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