Conventional Repeater AW-CRP2166

Safety Tech Innovation Inc.

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Product Overview

Floor display of fire alarm system is used to easier view the fire alarm condition of each floor and can connect to AW-CFP2166 system.

Product Features

  • Easy installation;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • Connect to AW-CFP2166 control system;
  • Up to 32 AW-CRP2166 floor display can connect to each AW-CFP2166 control system;
  • Communicate between the AW-CFP2166 control system and AW-CRP2166 floor display by RS485;
  • AW-CRP2166 floor display can gain power from AW-CFP2166 control system;
  • Terminal connection between AW-CRP2166 floor display and AW-CFP2166 control system; (Easy connection)

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