Explosion-Proof Infrared Beam Smoke Detector AW-EXTC-HW

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Product Overview

AW-EXTC-HW explosion-proof infrared beam smoke detector (hereinafter referred to as detectors) is a kind of non-coding linear-beam infrared optical smoke detector with relay output switch signal. It is made of the transmitter and receiver two parts, mounted on opposite ends of the protected space to detect a certain concentration of smoke, which belongs to linear smoke detectors.

Detectors are with strong anarchical skills to finish debugging, fire, and system failures judgment. Through indication by LED and a signal output terminal, it gives statues.

In accordance with the external environment parameters, the detector also has a compensating function for changes to reduce on-site environmental cleanliness requirements. The receiver has six infrared light that indicates signal strength indicator, it’s convenient to debug projects.

Product Features

  • Detector series is a performance in line with GB3836-2000 series of standards, inspected by the state-designated inspection units, and acquired explosion-proof certificate.
  • Infrared beam smoke detector is available in 1 and 2 Zone hazardous locations which include Class Ⅱ A, B, C class T1 ~ T6 temperature group explosive gas environment. Through a common input module, the detector can access various fire alarm panel. It is used inflammable and explosive places primary stage of fire smoke in places such as large size, banner frames, long-distance fire monitoring.

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