Explosion-Proof Safety Barrier AW-EXAS

Explosion-Proof Safety Barrier AW-EXAS

Safety Tech Innovation Inc.

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Product Overview

AW-EXAS Explosion-proof barrier is a kind of non-coding Explosion-proof barrier, which performance is in line with the GB3836-2000 series of standards, inspected by the state-designated inspection units, and acquired explosion-proof certificate. The barrier is available in 1 and 2 Zone hazardous locations which include Class Ⅱ A, B, C class T1 ~ T6 temperature group explosive gas environment.

Product Features

AW-EXAS Explosion-proof barrier does not affect the normal operation of electrical equipment under normal circumstances, when the system fails, it can limit energy (electric power) that turn into a dangerous place to a safe value. This product can be used with a variety of fire detectors, buttons, and other electronic products. This product uses an advanced resistive, transistor dual electronic switching circuit, fast starting speed, extremely small output resistance, automatic recovery when the current or voltage input exceeds a predetermined value, the barrier starts working so that the output voltage is approximately zero, the current is reduced to a safe value.

Technical Parameters

  • Explosion-proof mark: Exd [ib] ⅡCT6
  • Working voltage: DC24V
  • The maximum open-circuit voltage: U0 <27V
  • The maximum short circuit current: I0≤100mA
  • Working Environment:
  • Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃
  • Relative humidity: ≤95% non-condensing
  • Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa ~ 110kPa
  • Outlet thread: G20
  • Weight: 1.2kg

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