Explosion-Proof Ultraviolet and Infrared Flame Detector AW-FD705E-UVIR3

Safety Tech Innovation Inc.

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Product Overview

The detector AW-FD705E-UVIR3 combines the latest 4 spectral ranges of ultraviolet and infrared detection technologies to provide accurate and reliable fire detection, and the patented signal processing algorithm can eliminate false alarms against wrong light sources. For high reliability and strong anti-interference, it can be applicable In smokeless liquid and gas fireplaces (Just like Refinery, Platform, Tank Farm, Hangar, and so on)

Product Features

  • 4 spectral ranges (UV185-260nm; IR3.8um/4.3um/5.0um)
  • Adjustable sensitivity setting, Minimum alarm time ≤5s
  • Extended detection range,The detection distance of N-Heptane is 60m
  • The best combination of flame detection performance and false alarm suppression
  • Military-grade anti-electromagnetic interference capability
  • Optical sensor can be self-checked and calibrated
  • Lens contamination self-check function
  • Suitable for places with multiple fuels
  • Suitable for common heavy industry sites

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