Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic

Safety Tech Innovation Inc.

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This product is best described as a continuous linear thermometer actively reporting temperature readings in realtime. The restorable linear heat detector is comprised of quartz fibers enclosed in a low smoke zero halogen jacket. Immune to all EMI and RFI, the fiber optic linear detector can be configured to offer custom alarm criteria and zone sizes up to 30,000 feet (10 + km) in length.


UL Listed Alarm Operating Temperature is programmable from 135 F (57C) to 235 F (113C).


Fiber Optic features include:

  • A unique programmable linear heat detection system
  • Immune to EMI and RFI
  • Functions on the principles of back scattered light from a laser beam pulse sent down the fiber cable
  • Fiber controller calculates the temperature using the ratio between the stoke and anti-stokes frequency bands
  • High temperature alarm for 135°F to 235°F
  • Capable of detecting changes as small as 1°C per minute (~2° F).

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