Foam Chamber

Foam Chamber

Safety Tech Innovation Inc.

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Foam chambers are discharge outlet used with bladder tanks, pressure pump proportioners and foam storage tanks. They are basically located or installed on the  line proportioners near to the outlet of the fuel tank to deliver foam to the surface of a flammable liquid. Foam chamber consist of glass vapour seal located in the body. As the seal break foam enters inside fuel tank or fuel surface to suppress the fuel carrying heat.

Firetech manufactured foam chamber of carbon steel material & stainless steel material ( 304 & 316) ranging from 80 NB to 200 NB size with a flow rate from  66.24 LPM to 2840 LPM (17.5 to 750 GPM).

  • Size: 50 NB, 65 NB, 80 NB & 100 NB
  • Flow range from 66 LPM to 2,838 LPM
  • Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Construction
  • Woking Pressure:  2.1 – 7 Kg/cm2
  • Glass/Acrylic Vapour Seal
  • Flanged End Connection
  • Approvals – UL Listed

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