Foam Maker

Foam Maker

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Foam maker is a discharge device used for protection of open floating-roof storage tank where low velocity foam streams are desired. Its working principle is same as that of foam chamber, only difference being foam maker allows foam to flow directly without storage. As per NFPA-11 they are defined as Type-II Discharge Outlets used for Producing Low Expansion Foam.

During operation the Flow of foam solution under pressure causes induction of air through Air Strainer. Inducted air causes aspiration and low expansion foam is produced. 

Firetech manufactured foam maker are available in carbon steel & stainless steel (304 & 316), ranging from 80 NB to 150 NB size with a flow rate from 66.24 lpm to 1477 lpm (17.5 to 390 gpm)

  • Size: 50 NB, 65 NB & 80 NB
  • Flow Range from 66 LPM to 1,476 LPM
  • Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Construction
  • Working Pressure: 2.1 – 7 Kg/cm2
  • Flanged End Connection
  • Approvals – UL Listed

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