IR3 Explosion-proof Infrared Flame Detector

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Product overview

A715 Series flame detectors (short-called the flame detector as follows) provide a new generation of fire detection capability and technical standards. The flame detectors which adopt specially designed pieces of narrow-band infrared sensors and Blind type solar daylight UV sensors can distinguish the real flame radiation and interference sources effectively and reduce the impact of environmental factors on the detector extremely by means of the built-in 16-bit microprocessor and proprietary signal algorithm processing. The detector can set 5 different Sensitivity levels in order to meet more needs in different locations. We collected a large number of experimental data through market research and customers' feedback. We have made a big improvement based on its existence in the hardware circuitry and software algorithms.

A715 Series flame detectors contain the following two kinds: A715/IR3 three-wavelength infrared flame detector.

A715/UVIR3 double infrared and single ultraviolet flame detector.

Product Features

  • Built-in16-bit high-speed, low-power, high-performance, high-precision data processing chip. Adopt narrow-band infrared sensors and patented solar-blind UV sensors.
  • It has multi-level sensitivity in order to meet more occasions. Also, they can detect flammable earlier.
  • Detection angle can be able to reach 110 Degree/IR2. The detection range can be able to reach to 50m/IR3.
  • The perfect algorithm combines optimally the flame detection and false alarm capabilities.
  • The detector is fit for a variety of fuels. Apply to heavy industrial applications.
  • Explosion-proof designs can be used in the hazardous area of industrial sites. Low maintenance cost, easy to update and improve.

Technical parameters

  • Operating voltage: DC24V (range DC18V~30V)
  • Operating Current: Monitor≤25mA, Alarm≤35mA(relay) Angle range:110°
  • Sensitivity level:1~3 level adjusted
  • Detection range ≤50m Output:
  • Delay, Alarm relay, normally open contact output, 1A@30VDC. Operating Temperature: -10°C~55°C.
  • Operating Humidity: 0~95%RH.
  • Storage temperature: -40°C~85°C.
  • Explosion-proof level: Exd IIC T6 (Explosion-proof) Protection level:IP66.
  • Weight:1KG.
  • Housing material: Aluminium alloy, painted surfaces.

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