Linear Heat Detector

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Product Overview

This detector is composed of three parts signal which includes a signal processor, sensitive parts, and terminal processor.

Product Features

The detector can be used with any domestic and foreign manufacturers of fire alarm controller connection glance at an automatic fire detection system, which can effectively protect the following objects:

  • Cable facilities: cable tunnel, shaft, mezzanine, cable tray, etc:
  • Electric utilities: distribution equipment, switchgear, transformers, and reactors;
  • Oil, gas, hydraulic, lubricating oil storage, oil tank, gas tank, oil boilers, gas boilers, fuel injection(baked) booth:
  • Belt transmission facilities, coal delivery, transport belts, and automated production lines.

Technical Parameters

  • Complied with GB16280-2014 standard。
  • Temperature alert actions:85℃
  • 100mm small size fire alarm functions
  • Detector type: unrecoverable cable line-type fixed temperature fire detector;
  • Working voltage: 24V±15%
  • Monitors current:<100mA
  • Power supply overload protection current: 200mA
  • Applicable temperature range: -40℃ ~ +50℃ (D)
  • Relative humidity:≤95% , without condensation
  • Status indicator:
  • Normal operation: green light flashing
  • Alarm status: red light on
  • Fault status: yellow light on
  • Crust protection grade: IP66

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