LPCB Approved Addressable Fire Alarm Smoke Detector AW-D301

Safety Tech Innovation Inc.

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Product Overview

AW-D306 Addressable Sounder Beacon can give audible and visual alarms after being connected to a DC24V power supply and a bus loop. It can be used with a bus-type fire alarm control panel. After receiving a start command given by the fire alarm control panel following an accident, the Sounder Beacon will begin to work. At this moment, the Sounder Beacon will give a dazzling visual alarm signal and a harsh audible alarm signal, to remind the persons on the scene of the accident, the fact that a fire has occurred on the site, quickly and necessary to take related evacuation measures, thus preventing the fire accident from becoming a major one.

The Sounder Beacon may be used to give audible alarms and visual alarms at the scenes of accidents. It is applicable to places like high-rise residential buildings, public places, hotels, amusement buildings, factories, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and stock exchanges, and particularly to the places with low visibility or the possibility of generation of smoke.

Product Features

  • Meet both EN54-3 and EN54-23.
  • Designed with an upper cover and a lower cover and installed on an independent base, it can be installed, debugged, and maintained conveniently.
  • Suitable for wall and ceiling mount applications.
  • Providing 16 tones.
  • Highly efficient LED technology

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