Medium Expansion Foam Generators

Medium Expansion Foam Generators

Safety Tech Innovation Inc.

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Firetech Medium Expansion Mobile Foam Generator very effective way medium expansion foam for quick flooding in case of flammable liquid spills or in tank dike areas. Also effective for fighting shallow spill fires. Firetech Medium Expansion Mobile Foam Generator are totally capable of operating without supervision once setup. 

Firetech Portable and fixed foam generators are hydraulically powered High Expansion Foam Generators is designed to achieve 1:35 i.e every one gallon of foam solution can generate 35 gallons of foam solution. 

  • Flow Range: 225 LPM -1600 LPM
  • Expansion Ratio: 1:35
  • Inlet size: 50 NB /65 NB flanged
  • Body: Stainless steel
  • No outside power Source required

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