Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzles

Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzles

Safety Tech Innovation Inc.

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FIRETECH Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzles is a non-clogging open type directional spray nozzle designed for discharging a solid uniform cone spray of medium velocity water droplets in a pre-determined spray angle and direction. Medium velocity water spray nozzles are used in fixed water spray systems employed for cooling of storage tanks & vessels, exposure protection of structures, control burning, dilution and dispersion of flammable vapours and extinguishment of Class A Fires. FIRETECH Medium Velocity Spray Nozzles are available in wide range of K Factor, spray angle and at working pressure between 1.4 Bar to 3.5 Bar with material of construction in SS:316 & Brass.

  • End connection: 15 NB (1/2″)
  • Material: Brass, Brass with Nickel Chrome finish, Ni-Al Bronze, Stainless Steel (SS 304 / SS 316)
  • K factor (metric): 18, 22, 30, 35, 41, 51, 64, 79, 91 and 102
  • Discharge angle (degrees): 90, 120, 140
  • Approvals – UL Listed

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