Standalone Gas Detector With Magnetic Valve AW-CGD2166-1

Safety Tech Innovation Inc.

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Product Overview

AW-CGD2166-1 Combustible gas detector (hereinafter referred to as this detector) is applied with advanced microprocessor technology development of a combination of long life and good quality of gas-sensitive element, used to detect combustible gas. Widely used in the factory, family, hotel, apartment need to combustible gas such as safety monitoring sites.

Product Features

  • Gas sensitive element:Combustible gas: Catalytic combustion type, good linear, work stability;
  • Small volume, simple installation, easy to use;
  • Passive often opened with a set of relay output normally closed contacts and a set of solenoid valve control signal output. (Optional, control type)
  • Wireless signal 315MHZ (Or 433MHZ); Can be convenient to match with security and fire control system. (Optional, wireless type)

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