Standard Digital (PHSC)

Standard Digital (PHSC)

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The Standard Digital Protectowire Heat Sensitive Cable (PHSC) Linear Heat Detector can best be described as a continuous run of spot heat detectors. It is capable of sensing heat anywhere along its length and initiates an alarm once its fixed activation temperature is reached.

The Standard Digital (PHSC) Linear Heat Detector works in the following manner. Once the ambient temperature meets or exceeds its fixed temperature, the heat sensitive polymer weakens, which in turn allows the twisted spring steel conductors to make contact, which results in an electrical short that triggers an alarm signal.

The Standard Digital (PHSC) Linear Heat Detector is designed to be used on a compatible fire alarm control module or panel.

All Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors must be installed in accordance with applicable sections of NFPA 72 or as required by the local AHJ.


Unique advantages of Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors include:

  • Detects heat at any point along its length
  • Low maintenance
  • Outer jackets resist corrosion, chemicals, moisture, and extreme temperatures
  • Can be installed close to hazards to provide rapid response
  • Long service life


* Proper handling and storage is mandatory to ensure detector performance. Exposure to heat above its fixed temperature rating will render the linear heat detector unusable and may not be obvious by its visual appearance.

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