Wireless Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel AW-CFP2166-2W

Safety Tech Innovation Inc.

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Product Overview

A wireless alarm system, operates via radio waves. Each alarm is interconnected with your entire fire protection system, and connection can be made all throughout your entire facility—this includes between buildings—without any hard wiring at all.A traditional hard-wired alarm system requires direct, physical connection to its wire network in order to operate correctly. This necessitates trenching, drilling, and a substantial amount of effort in order to pull off.

The Benefits of Wireless Fire Alarms and Wireless Smoke Detection Systems Wireless fire alarm systems circumvent many of the complications that older fire alarm systems create. They also offer a substantial number of additional benefits, including:

  • Much simpler maintenance and repair,
  • Faster alarm response time, Easy,
  • More cost-efficient installation.


Product Features

  • AW-CFP2166 Wireless version features:
  • Can connect both wired and wireless detectors
  • Each zone can connect up to 20 wireless detectors and 20 wired detectors, increasing the capacity of each zone
  • Connect wireless detectors, save cost
  • Wireless detectors are low power and can be used for up to 5 years
  •  Each wireless detector contains a sounder, Alarm >75db
  • The control panel can remotely reset and mute the wireless detector.

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